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Precision Engineered Hydraulic Control Systems for Axial Valves

Valves come in diverse shapes and sizes, yet they share a common trait: the necessity for an actuator to allow operating the valve. This may be a manual actuator, such as a lever, or an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuator.

All these actuation principles require a control device that manages actuating force and regulates the speed of valve opening and/or closing.

Throughout the years, we’ve engineered a broad spectrum of hydraulic control units suitable for various environments, including those with explosion hazards, and diverse applications.

Our client required an Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to supply hydraulic power to 19 Hydraulic Control  Units(HCU) fitted onto axial valves. The HPU and HCU’s would have to be Explosion proof, suitable for Zone 1. The specifications included valve position control with position feedback, operation via remote and local (pushbutton) electric signals, and a manual operation was also required in the event of a power failure.

To meet these specifications, we designed a hydraulic power unit featuring redundant pump units and two hydraulic accumulators to supply pressure stability and backup hydraulic power. This unit was complete with an integrated EX control cabinet housed in an IP66 Stainless Steel enclosure (see pic.1).

The 19 HCU’s were build up from a separate hydraulic and electrical part integrated on a frame to be mounted on the valve actuator.

The stainless steel hydraulic control unit consists of a manifold with integrated hand pump, open and close solenoid valves, throttle control and pressure relieve function all enclosed in stainless steel IP 66 cabinet.  (see pic.2)

The electro hydraulic actuator positioner, with power supply and manual control switches and pushbuttons, were built in a stainless steel explosion proof enclosure. (see pic.3)

Finally, the 2 control units, hydraulic and electric, were combined onto a mounting frame and electrically connected. (see pic.4)