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About us

On October 17, 1955, Mr. Wim de Raaij and Joop Datema officially established their new company by signing the Articles of Incorporation. This action unequivocally marked the "existentium defacto" of Ingenieursbureau De Raaij en Datema.

In the initial stages, De Raaij, driven by enthusiasm, embarked on the business with inventive and pragmatic approaches. His strength lay in decisive and efficient actions, adopting a no-nonsense attitude of “just do it.” In contrast, his associate Datema brought a more conservative approach, utilizing administrative talents that complemented De Raaij’s commercial acumen.

From the company’s inception, it was evident that the foreign market would play a crucial role, not just as a trading area, but as a source of materials. The ambitious team, responsive to customer demands, expanded their horizons. De Raaij, driven by a quest for opportunities, successfully established strong business partnerships in Germany. The company secured exclusive import rights for components from Herion, initially focusing on pneumatic and process valves.

This strategic move proved pivotal, as Herion later evolved into a global company with a diverse range of high-quality products in pneumatics and hydraulics. With the company’s expanding activities, the need for professional employees grew, leading to a continuous increase in the company’s size.

The product range expanded to include pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, and electric components. Brands such as Gemü, Buschjost, and Kühme became essential contributors to the extensive trading area. More significantly, the company recognized a growing demand for customer-specific solutions, prompting a specialization in the production and installation of pre-tested systems and sub-assemblies.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Ingenieursbureau De Raay en Datema underwent a rebranding as Inrada, aligning itself with international ambitions and expansion. The Hydraulics and Instrumentation division emerged, combining expertise in valves and hydraulic control systems, with a specific focus on the Maritime, Water Treatment, and upstream Oil and Gas industries. This involved creating custom designs ranging from Valve Control systems and HPU’s onboard FPSO’s to Sampling Units for water treatment plants.

In 2019, Inrada relocated to its current address at Jan van Galenstraat 13b in Schiedam, continuing to provide clients with tailor-made solutions and global service and maintenance.

Our Workshop

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we design, manufacture, and refurbish hydraulic parts with meticulous precision. Rigorous testing and inspection protocols guarantee reliability, setting new standards in the industry.

Our Contribution

Our customer-centric approach provides personalized solutions, ensuring a seamless experience from inquiry to installation. Experience the difference with our high-quality hydraulic parts, where innovation and craftsmanship come together to elevate your hydraulic systems.

Our Experts

Our skilled technicians and advanced machinery ensure every component meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Meet our Team

Ron Van Leeuwen

Operations Director

Michael Strooband

Sales Engineer

Cris Van Someren Greve

Service Manager / QHSE Manager

Jacob Van Den Berg

Sales Director

Dik Verboon

Project Engineer