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Cookie Policy

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This Cookie Policy outlines the use of cookies on our website, categorizing them based on the services they support. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies as described below.

1. WordPress Cookies

1.1 Cookie “wpEmojiSettingsSupports”
– Purpose: Support for emoji settings

2. Elementor Cookies

2.1 Cookie “elementor”
– Purpose: Elementor functionality

3. Cookies without Selected Service

3.1 Cookie “WP_DATA_USER_2”
– Purpose: User-specific data

3.2 Cookie “e_kit-elements-defaults,” “optimole_settings_visits,” “e_library,” “auxin.spectrum,” “cmplz_consenttype,” “cmplz_consented_services,” “cmplz_policy_id,” “cmplz_marketing,” “cmplz_statistics,” “cmplz_preferences,” “cmplz_functional,” and “cmplz_banner-status”
– Purpose: Various functionalities, including consent management

4. Google Analytics Cookies

4.1 Cookie “_ga” and “_ga_”
– Service: Google Analytics
– Purpose: Analytics and statistical analysis

5. LinkedIn Cookies

5.1 Cookies “sdsc,” “lms_ads,” “lms_analytics,” “_guid,” “li_alerts,” “li_gc,” “AnalyticsSyncHistory,” “bcookie,” “li-oatml,” “BizographicsOptOut,” “li_sugr,” “UserMatchHistory,” “linkedin_oauth_”
– Purpose: LinkedIn functionalities, analytics, and user preferences

6. WhatsApp Cookies

6.1 Cookies “wa_lang_pref” and “wa_ul”
– Purpose: WhatsApp language preferences and user-specific settings

7. Services

7.1 Service “Google Analytics”
– Purpose: Analytics and statistical analysis

7.2 Service “LinkedIn”
– Purpose: LinkedIn functionalities, analytics, and user preferences

7.3 Service “WhatsApp”
– Purpose: WhatsApp functionalities and user preferences

7.4 Service “WordPress”
– Purpose: WordPress-specific functionalities and user preferences

7.5 Service “Advanced Custom Fields”
– Purpose: Advanced Custom Fields functionalities and user preferences

7.6 Service “Elementor”
– Purpose: Elementor-specific functionalities and user preferences

7.7 Service “LiteSpeed”
– Purpose: LiteSpeed-specific functionalities and user preferences

7.8 Service “Wordfence”
– Purpose: Wordfence-specific functionalities and user preferences

8. Updates to Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy may be updated from time to time. Users will be informed of significant changes through website notices. Continued use of our website constitutes acknowledgment and agreement to the modified Cookie Policy.

For any questions or concerns regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact us at the provided contact information.