FPSO Ballast System Upgrade: Valve Integration

By proactively looking for improvements to our systems, we presented our customer with an upgrade to the INRADA Cargo valve control system onboard a FPSO to make it safer, more reliable and to make it compliable with new standards. 

In the pursuit of enhanced safety and reliability, we started the installation of isolation valves with a minimess quick connect beneath the Local Control Panel (LCP) of the cargo valve control system. The minimess quick connect serves a dual purpose, facilitating manual control during emergencies and ensuring the system’s adaptability to unforeseen situations. The installation of isolation valves brings unparalleled safety advantages. 

During maintenance operations in cargo tanks, technicians can isolate specific valves, providing certainty that the valves won’t be operated inadvertently. A cautionary incident underscores the necessity of such safety measures – an accidental opening of a cargo valve led to tank flooding, resulting in injuries to the technicians. 

The newly implemented system empowers technicians to conduct more effective preventive maintenance. By testing the entire chain of components, they can pinpoint malfunctions and leakages with precision, enabling targeted and efficient repairs. 

With the practical applications of this new system technicians can now confidently isolate valves, ensuring a secure environment to enter the tanks and for tank maintenance.  

It’s important to highlight that the installation of this system requires the expertise of highly skilled and trained hydraulic technicians. The installation process requires meticulous attention to detail to prevent contamination. Contamination poses a significant risk, potentially damaging the system and causing leakages. 

The integration of isolation valves and quick connect couplings is not just a project; it’s becoming the new standard for all FPSO vessels we have been working on. The introduction of these systems marks a pivotal advancement in the realm of FPSO cargo ballast control systems. 

The commitment to safety, reliability, and streamlined maintenance procedures underscores our dedication to pushing boundaries for the well-being of both the personnel and assets of our clients, and of course we are proud to be involved in the ever-evolving landscape of offshore technology.