We maintain your system, and it doesn't matter if we made it or we didn't. Maintenance is a journey.

Our team is available from the beginning to help you understand how to get more from your equipment in a cost-effective way. We will work with you to identify the benefits and increased revenues that we can generate with our contractual service offering. Starting with the Inspection Survey to build your proposal scope, our engineers listen carefully to understand your needs and determine the best solution for your requirements.


When we have designed and manufactured your equipment, it's time for commissioning. Commissioning is the process of ensuring that all systems and components are designed, installed, tested and operated in accordance with the operational requirements.


We offer preventive maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your hydraulic system and to minimize the chance of possible failures. We inspect your current (or new) systems and propose (and execute) a several-year preventive maintenance schedule.


Inevitably an unexpected situation can occur that could cause malfunctions in your hydraulic system. This is when trouble-shooting skills become very important, to locate the fault as quickly and accurately as possible. This is where our engineers can put their skills and expertise in practice. So, whereas preventive maintenance deals with the expected, corrective maintenance involves handling the unexpected.”

In-House Maintenance

When we partner up with a company and design systems for their vessels, trains or other industrial applications, we always help our partner with a maintenance plan.

We inspect; revise and test your systems in our workshop to keep them in operational conditions and certified.

Simple, we are your “Partner for life”.

On Site Maintenance

Maintenance on vessels and other industrial structures, globally: We start with a survey of your system, check every component and advice you on what parts need maintenance. We make a plan to efficiently execute the work and minimalize down-time. Our preventive efforts ensure a longer equipment lifecycle.

We offer emergency repair services. If your system is down because of an unexpected malfunction, our engineers have the skills and experience to tackle the problem and have your operation running again as soon as possible.

If you have specific questions for our maintenance department, please contact Cris or Jacob:

Cristopher van Someren Greve

Focusing on prolonging the life of the system by taking care of it the right way. This will help lower the total cost of ownership and downtime to a minimum. For all your service related questions. Proactively managing the maintenance of your systems.

+31 (0) 10 20 80 700

Jacob van den Berg

A Global Team player in maritime Oil & Gas business, focussing on instrument Hydraulics and Service.

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