Tekst inhoudelijk aanpassen naar ‘nu’. (inrada).

On the 17th of October 1955, Mr Wim de Raaij and Joop Datema signed the Articles of Incorporation for their new company, thereby declaring the “existentium defacto” of Ingenieursbureau De Raaij en Datema indeed a fact!

In the early days, De Raaij was the man who started business enthusiastically and worked inventively and pragmatically. His power was acting firmly and efficiently. No nonsense; just do it. His associate Datema, on the other hand, was a more conservative man whose administrative talents complemented the commercial savvy of De Raaij. At the foundation of the company it was already clear that the foreign market would play a very important role – not so much as a trading area, but more so as a source of materials. That is why the ambitious, hardworking team soon broadened their horizon. Driven by customers demands De Raaij packed his bags and looked around – and succeeded! Germany, in particular, had excellent business partnerships. The company Herion was the first of which the Dutch engineering company obtained the exclusive import rights for components. At first only for pneumatic valves and process valves.


”De Raaij was the person who started business enthusiastically, working inventively and pragmatically. His power was acting firmly and efficiently. No nonsense, just do it.”


A good move: later on Herion would grow to be a worldwide company with a huge range of high-quality products in different disciplines as pneumatics and hydraulics. Proportional to the growing number of activities of the company, the need for professional employees rose. The company increased constantly. More and more pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electric components were a part of the range of products. Brands like Gemü, Buschjost and Kühme provided important products for which there was a large trading area. More important still, it was concluded that on the customer side there was a growing need for customer specific solutions. From that moment on the company specialized itself in the production and installation of pre-tested systems and sub-assemblies. Meanwhile the expanding company was situated in a charming house on the banks of the canals of the Lange Haven in Schiedam. Soon there was the need for more and larger offices.


Negotiations with the neighbours led to annexation of some neighbouring premises. Walls were torn down, offices rearranged. And again there was need for extra space, which became more and more difficult at the Lange Haven. A place outside the city was found, conveniently situated with the opportunity to grow. The company moved to the ‘s-Gravelandseweg into an office building with an assembly hall of 2.500 m² and a three-storied office of 1.500 m². Together with her 40th anniversary Ingenieursbureau De Raaij en Datema changed her name into Inrada Group. Considering the international expansion, this being a much easier name to pronounce. In the meantime, the 50th anniversary was celebrated. Inrada expands into new markets with new products and services.

The division Oil & Gas brings knowledge and workmanship of valves and hydraulic control systems together. It focuses its activities on the upstream Oil and Gas industry. After 20 years at the ‘s-Gravelandseweg, the need arose for a new location. Various developments inside and outside Inrada made circumstances less optimal for Inrada to carry outs its activities. A new location was found at the Admiraal de Ruyterstraat in Schiedam. ITHO B.V. had modern offices available together with modern assembly facilities, very suitable for Inrada to continue and expand its activities. Starting from January 2007, Inrada works from this location.